April 20, 2004

Tuesday evening, April 20, 2004, the third game of the three game series against Rummel, was a bittersweet one for the senior parents.  The Crusader baseball team is a supportive family, and keeping with tradition, the lower classman sponsored a senior night for the seniors of 2004 and their parents.  It was a very special evening prepared with the warmth of the Crusader family we have all have grown to experience.  The Senior parents realized just how quickly time had passed, and how soon graduation was to be upon them.  Many, many thanks to those wonderful people who helped to create some very special memories.

Lance Lepine took the mound to begin the game.  Rummel managed to score 2 runs on three hits in the top of the first.  The Crusaders were able to get 3 hits in the bottom of the first by Richard Duncan, Matt Thorne, and Chris McIntyre, but were unable to score any runs.  In the top of the second, the Raiders were able to score 2 on one hit. The Crusaders came back in the bottom of the inning.  Brad Treuting reached first on an error, Josh Radovich singled, and then John Wilson and Richard Duncan walked.  BJ Rodrigue and Matt Adams followed with singles.  The 3 hits produced the 4 runs needed to tie the game.

In the third, the Crusaders would have to use three pitchers.  Lance Lepine began the inning, followed by Chris Cappo, and then Chip Gaillot.  The Raiders put together an inning that produced 7 runs.  The highlight of the inning was the double play from John Wilson to Chris McIntyre and then to the plate for the tag out on the runner trying to take home.  In the bottom of the third, the Crusaders were able to get one run on 1 hit.  The hit was a single by Richard Duncan for his second of the night.

In the fourth, Chip Gaillot took the mound again giving up only one hit and striking out one.  The Raiders left this inning with no runs.  In the bottom of the inning, the Crusaders were also unable to score.  In the top of the fifth, Chip faced only 4 batters giving up only 1 hit with the Crusaders once again turning a double play.  John Wilson caught a line drive and threw the ball to Andrew Velez to get the runner taking a lead at second.  In the bottom of the fifth, Brad Treuting and Josh Radovich started off the inning with base hits.  That marked the second hit of the evening for Josh. Ryan Berry entered the game as a pinch hitter and singled.  Richard Duncan reached base on a walk and Matt Adams followed with another single, his second of the night.  When the inning ended the Crusaders had picked up 3 runs off of 4 hits bringing the score to 11 - 8 in favor of the Raiders.

In the top of the sixth, Chip Gaillot and Josh Radovich shared pitching duties.  The Raiders were able to gather 8 hits and 9 runs in this inning to give the Crusaders a large gap to close in the final innings.  In the bottom of the sixth, Josh Radovich reached first on a walk and scored on a sacrifice fly by pinch hitter Ryan Hebert.  But, that was all of the scoring for the Crusaders on this evening, dropping this one to Rummel 20 - 8.

Although the score was a bit lopsided, credit needs to be given to this Crusader team for never giving up.  It was a hard fought game with some errors but the errors were never in confidence, as they always demonstrated the belief in themselves that they could overcome any deficit.

Senior parents gather for a picture before senior night at the Brother Martin - Rummel game.  Parents are:
John & Annette Wilson, Steve & Debbie Treuting,
Brian & Kathy Rodrigue, Tommy & Dianne McIntyre,
Steve & Jane Duncan, and Keith Adams & Rita Savoya.

Seniors ready to escort their parents.  From front to back:
Matt Adams, Richard Duncan, Chris McIntyre, BJ Rodrigue, Brad Treuting, and John Wilson.

Lance Lepine took the mound to begin the game.

Chris Cappo came into the game in relief.

Chip Gaillot was the third Crusader pitcher in this game.

Richard Duncan scores the first run of the game in the 2nd, going 2 for 2 on the night.

Ryan Berry gets a hit to help the Crusaders score 3 in the 5th.

Crusaders Richard Duncan, Chris Cappo, Matt Thorne, and BJ Rodrigue gather to congratulate runners
Brad Treuting and Matt Thorne as they cross the plate
after Ryans Berry's hit.

Josh Radovich closes the game.