vs. Northshore
March 9, 2004

In the game against Northshore, the following Crusaders received hits: Singles by John Wilson (1RBI) and Tony Colletti.  Doubles by Andrew Velez, Brad Treuting, and John Wilson.  A triple by BJ Rodrigue (1 RBI).  Another RBI was scored by Evan Alvarez.

Pitching duties were shared by Chip Gaillot and Andrew Velez.  Josh Radovich entered the game in the 6th retiring Northshore 3 up and 3 down.

Chip Gaillot starts on the mound for the Crusaders.
Andrew Velez in the background.

Andrew Velez waits to score after opening the game
with a double.

John Wilson moves into position to make the play
at second.

Andrew Velez pitches in relief.
Stephen Landry in the background.

Coach Lupo has a meeting with runners during a Northshore mound conference.

Josh Radovich entered the game to pitch
in the bottom of the 6th retiring Northshore
3 up and 3 down with less than 10 pitches.

Tony Colletti enters the game to catch.

Austin Condon takes his lead off first.