Destrehan Jamboree
February 21, 2004

The Brother Martin / Destrehan three-inning scrimmage ended 2 - 0 with Destrehan on top.  It was a very good defensive battle with the game ending at approximately 35 minutes after it started.  Lance Lepine and
Josh Radovich shared time on the mound for this game.

The Brother Martin / Ridgewood three-inning scrimmage was a true team effort with the final score being 15 - 2 Crusaders!  Seven runs were scored in the first inning.  B.J. Rodrigue and Andrew Velez shared time on the mound in this one.

Lance Lepine takes the mound amongst sunny skies and
cool temps in Destrehan against Destrehan.

Josh Radovich takes the mound after Lance to finish up the three inning scrimmage.

Matt Adams and Coach.

BJ takes the mound for the beginning innings against Ridgewood.

Stephen Landry gets a hit with Austin Condon ready to score.

Justin Marocco calls off BJ to catch the pop up.

Andrew Velez takes the mound to complete the scrimmage against Ridgewood.

Evan Alvarez scores.

DESTREHAN TOURNEY: Our loyal fans!!!!!!!!!!