Ponchatoula Scrimmage
February 19, 2004

The Ponchatoula game began under cool sunny skies and ended after 11 innings with the fans wrapped in the new Brother Martin baseball blankets. The first home run of the season was hit by Matt Thorne in the first inning.
Brad Treuting began as the Crusader's first pitcher. His debut was followed by several Crusaders on the mound for the first scrimmage. They were Chip Gaillot, Thomas Keegan, Justin Marocco, Andrew Russo, and Ryan Hebert. All combined to produce 19 strikeouts. The Crusaders did a good job on the offensive side of the game with 16 hits - 5 doubles, 10 singles, and one homerun. 

Matt Thorne on his way back to the dugout after his homerun, bringing the first inning's score to 5 - 0.

Inning change in Ponchatoula.

Brad Treuting takes the mound to deliver the first pitch
of the scrimmage & the year.

Chip Gaillot takes the mound.